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4 Ways to Feel Confident Wearing Your Dentures

While dentures can provide an overall feeling of confidence in appearance, they might not always promote the most confidence for the person wearing them throughout their daily activities. When your teeth age, they may decay at a more rapid rate than normal, requiring dentures as an alternative. Sometimes, if your dentist has not properly fitted and designed your dentures, they can feel uncomfortable or not function correctly. Here are four ways your Arvada dentist makes sure you feel confident wearing the dentures you need:
  1. Correct Size and Placement: To ensure your smile appears natural and fits your mouth and facial structure, it is important that your dentist really takes the time necessary to measure and fit to your gums and bite. It can prove difficult if the fit is not correct to perform simple daily tasks like chewing or even speaking.
  2. Proper Cleaning and Maintenance: Be sure to ask your dentist the best way to clean and maintain the luminosity of your dentures. Typically using a very soft bristled brush is key to keeping your smile looking its best.
  3. Keep Up With Appointments: While it may seem like you wouldn’t need to schedule check-ups for your dentures, you most certainly do. Make sure to keep to a routine schedule of maintenance check-up appointments to ensure your dentures are in the best shape possible.
  4. Don’t Rely on Adhesive: The amount of denture adhesive you apply each time should not increase – it should always be a smaller amount of adhesive that is necessary to keep your dentures in place. When you find yourself needing additional adhesive, it is a sign your dentures no longer fit properly or are in need of adjustment.
If you are considering dentures for yourself, remember to always approach your Arvada dentist for help and answers to your questions. They are your best guide to ensure your smile looks its best. Contact Complete Dental Care for more information and to get started getting your smile on track.