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Happy Birthday to Your Arvada Dentist!

Today, the team at Complete Dental Care would like to take a moment to celebrate Dr. Powers’ birthday. It’s been a wonderful year for Dr. Powers and his team. We look forward to another great year at Complete Dental Care with Dr. Powers and can’t wait to see what it has in store.

Give us a call to schedule your next appointment or to wish Dr. Powers a happy birthday!

Oral hygiene is one of the most important areas to maintain – your smile is part of your personality! Many times, the overall health of an individual can be measured by their oral health. More you’re your Denver dentist simply maintaining your teeth and making sure your mouth is cavity-free, they ensure your gums should be free of inflammation and soreness as well. Gum health is an indication of your overall health – as inflammation typically occurs in more than just the most apparent area.

Your immune system suffers when inflammation occurs, as it causes it to focus on healing the area, thus devoting less energy toward maintaining normal functions throughout the rest of your body. If your oral health begins to suffer at a time when your body also experiences any type of illness, the result is typically a prolonged sickness and a difficulty in recovering.

Contact Complete Dental Care to schedule your routine maintenance check-up and make sure your gums are in good health.