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Preventing Gum Disease – Important Practices to Remember

Did you know that nearly half of Americans have mild, moderate, or severe gum disease? Many don’t even realize it! There are measures one can take to prevent gum disease. It actually may be painless for certain people. Gum disease causes the tissues and bones that support the tooth to break down and can create more ways for bacteria to reach the tooth.  If you don’t treat gum disease, it can turn into the more advanced disease, periodontitis, which can make teeth prone to falling out.  
  • Floss everyday – at least once. This is crucial to get bacteria from between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach
  • Brush after every meal – this is ideal to help reduce food particles that can hide and create plaque in your mouth
  • Cut back on sugar – especially with candy that gets stuck in your teeth like caramel and doesn’t break down easily
  • Make sure to have a balanced diet. You want to include ideal nutrients for the mouth (particularly vitamins A and C), which can help prevent gum disease
  • Restrain from smoking, which can also lead to oral cancer.
Last but not least, remember to schedule regular visits to your Arvada dentist – regular visits should include a cleaning every six months to ensure that you aren’t developing gum disease and to help prevent it. A lot of factors contribute to how susceptible you are including age, hormones, and genetics. However, excellent oral hygiene can help reduce your chances no matter how prone you may be to contracting it.