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Dental Implants FAQ

Is the procedure to get dental implants painful?
When the dental implant procedure takes place, you will have anesthesia just like when you’re getting a filling. You shouldn’t be able to feel anything once the anesthesia takes effect.

How long do dental implants last?
Dental implants are supposed to last as long as your natural teeth – a lifetime. However, it depends on how well they are taken care of. They have to be brushed and flossed just like your other teeth.

What should I eat after the surgery?
It’s best that the surgical site is not exposed to food if possible. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to stick with soft and nutritious foods and to keep well hydrated. Your Arvada dentist will recommend a diet and provide instructions on how to best care for your implants post-surgery.

How long does the surgery last?
For one implant, you should plan for about an hour for the surgery. When you get multiple implants, you should expect it to take around two to three hours.
Dental implant surgery is a very important when you are missing a tooth because if it’s not replaced, it can actually cause damage to adjacent teeth. It can also cause premature wear on other teeth, shift their positions, and can cause difficulty speaking. Have you lost a tooth and need help deciding if dental implants are right for you? Contact your Arvada dentist at Complete Dental Care today for more information!