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Talk About Implants With Your Arvada Dentist

When it comes to options when replacing a missing tooth or teeth, implants are the treatment of choice. Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth in terms of how they function. It’s important to choose a reputable and reliable dental service to do your implants who are also educated about the complications and upkeep.

Generally speaking, if you have lost teeth, then you are a candidate for dental implants. However, it’s imperative to know whether the procedure is right for you. Smoking, alcoholism, cancer or periodontal disease can affect your chances of complications. Good daily oral hygiene is of utmost importance along with follow-up appointments with your implant specialist to ensure no complications arise. Contrary to popular belief, patients typically don’t notice much pain after the procedure – usually less than they would have if they just had an extraction.

It’s important to find an Arvada dental service that is fully coordinated and understands the implant procedure to ensure questions are answered in full detail to a patient. Here at Complete Dental Care, we specialize in dental implants to make sure you feel comfortable when deciding what treatment to go forward with. We don’t suggest implants to just anyone, we want to make sure it’s a worthwhile and safe investment for your future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!