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Contact Your Arvada Dentist for Tooth Shaping

Save Time with Dental Reshaping
For individuals with minor flaws on their teeth, enamel shaping is frequently a better option than restorations such as crowns or veneers. Your Arvada dentist at Complete Dental Care is able to use specialized tools and methods to repair small dental problems on individual teeth. Some of the flaws that are repairable include tiny scratches or chips that commonly occur due to age or natural wear and tear. An application of a small amount of composite material is necessary in some situations, but is often not required. Enamel shaping is a fast process that is noninvasive and less expensive than complex restorations.


Using Polishing to Reshape Teeth
When considering enamel shaping, make sure to find a premier dentist that patients trust. This dental technique requires expertise to create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Before an enamel shaping process begins, a patient requires a complete examination with medical imaging to determine if there are underlying oral health conditions such as gingivitis or cavities. In order for a dentist to polish a tooth, it must have a strong structure to prevent breakage. Dental enamel does not regenerate and is an extremely hard substance, making careful shaping necessary to maintain the integrity of a tooth.


How Bonding Can Reshape Teeth
The best dentists in Denver also understand how to use bonding techniques to reshape a tooth. Dental bonding involves a precise brushing method to add durable composite material to the surface of a tooth to make it look better while remaining functional. The bonding material used must match the color of the rest of the tooth and compliment other teeth in the mouth. A dentist may suggest that a patient gets a tooth whitening procedure first to remove discolorations and stains to make it easier to mix the composite material.