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Find Arvada Dentist Dental Services for Emergencies

Understanding Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies rarely occur, but when one does, know what to do immediately to prevent additional tooth damage. Premier dentists respond quickly to patients needing emergency care due to a chipped or dislodged tooth. However, everyone needs to know what to do before driving to a dental facility for emergency treatment. The first thing to do when an accident happens is to remain calm because the injured person needs effective care. If the individual with a damaged tooth is still conscious, then begin by making sure they are not bleeding excessively or in acute pain.

Saving a Tooth

A dislodged tooth may cause the injured person’s gums to bleed, or they may have a split lip. Use a soft cloth to clear away blood from the wound. After determining the extent of injury, begin to look for the broken chip or dislodged tooth to carry it to a dentist Arvada residents trust for emergencies. The safest place for a dislodged tooth is in the injured person’s mouth but only if they will not swallow it accidentally. Alternatively, place a tooth or chip into a damp clean cloth or cup of cool water.

Reattaching Dislodged Teeth

Dentists in Denver know exactly what to do when patients arrive with a dislodged or damaged tooth. They begin by examining the patient’s mouth to determine if reinsertion or repair is possible. The dentist examines the damaged chip or dislodged tooth before sanitizing it for a surgical procedure. A dentist can reattach a chip to a tooth with adhesives or epoxies that match the color of dental enamel. A dislodged tooth is reinserted and supported with wires attached to surrounding teeth. It takes several weeks for the dislodged tooth to reattach firmly inside the patient’s gum tissue.