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Dr. Powers' 30 Year Dental School Reunion

We were recently commended on our simple, efficient and quick procedures. We only require one dental impression to determine your tooth structure, and never again will you need to undergo this process at our offices. We have a variety of dental procedures that can restore your smile to brand new condition! You have a wide range of options to repair any damaged teeth and restore those that have worn. We have complete dental exams and qualified dentists that can identify issues before they escalate to detrimental matters. Our restorative dental procedures include dentures, implants, mercury-free fillings, bridges and crowns. If your teeth are discolored or stained, chipped, uneven or just look worn, consider having your smile restored with veneers! We have an expedited sign-up process with initial visit forms that can be printed and filled out from home!

Dr. Powers attended his 30th dental school reunion in Richmond, VA where he reconnected with old friends with his mother, Carol Powers! Pictured is an old friend, Janene, Dr. Powers and Carol Powers. Here are some pictures from the event with a wealth of bright smiles!

We want you to have a healthy mouth, which is why provide only the highest quality dental care. Visit an Arvada dentist that you can rely on for efficiency, speed and quality.