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Visit an Arvada Dentist Highly Recommended by Patients

Everyone needs to visit a dentist on a regular basis to find small problems such as a buildup of plaque or small cavities. By seeing a dentist every six months, it is rare to lose teeth due to decay. However, many individuals have tooth loss for a different reason. Fortunately, it is easy to have a normal looking smile with modern dental techniques. Dental restorations to replace teeth missing due to congenital defects or a sport injury are now easy to make in a few days and comfortable to wear. Patients can choose between removable dental bridges or permanent restorations. 

The Disadvantages of Dental Bridges 
Arvada dental dentist services can examine a patient’s mouth to check the health of gums and bones to determine if implants are an appropriate restoration method. Patients can receive single or multiple implants to have a natural looking smile with permanent restorations that remain in the mouth. There are good reasons to have implants rather than removable dental bridges. Many patients find that removable bridges move slightly as they talk or chew food. Particles of food often get stuck under dental bridges, leading to halitosis or sores in the mouth. 

Fast Dental Implants
While there are patients who need preliminary treatment of the oral tissues to wear implants, most are able to have one or more implantations right away. A dentist uses three-dimensional imaging to determine what the replacement teeth should like. An Arvada dentist dental lab is able to make artificial teeth quickly that match and complement the other teeth in a patient’s mouth. Dental implants resemble crowns in many ways but are placed over titanium metal posts in a patient’s mouth. These crowns are long-lasting, natural looking and easy to repair if chipped.