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Giving Back & Featured Services

This weekend, the team at Complete Dental Care in Arvada are giving back to their community. Dr. Powers and his team – Robin Murphy, Joe Cabrialas, and Linda Gonzalas will visit the St Francis homeless shelter at 2323 Curtis St. to provide for those in need. Volunteering is an important duty for the community to keep informed and sympathetic to those who have fallen into difficult circumstances. Everyone need’s support – and your dentist in Arvada wants to help provide some for the Colorado community. Sunday is also Robin’s birthday!
Featured services: Botox for TMJ
If you have been treated for TMJ and had less than effective results of treatment – consider Botox to alleviate some of the pain. Your Denver dentist can safely and effectively administer Botox to help relax and calm the tissue and muscles that cause a great deal of pain associated with TMJ. Call to schedule your appointment today and get rid of the unnecessary pain.